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Model Service society (MSS) is a non-profit service organization, working for the betterment and development of individuals, families and communities in UAE.

our Mission

To empower volunteers to serve the communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace

Our Vision

To be the leader in community and humanitarian services.


Responsibility, Leadership, dedication, humanitarian


Ideal individual Ideal family and Ideal community

The functioning of this association shall be free from any profit motive, regional, political and / or other similar considerations and all its members shall work for the fulfilment of its Aims and Objectives

All the individuals registered with MSS are the members of the general body. Executive committee takes policy matters and major decisions. Office bearers and subcommittee conveners (OBC) under the guidance of General Secretary handle day-to-day activities.

The general body meeting is the single event whereby all the members are able to gather and ask questions pertaining to MSS activities and working. Executive meeting generally meet once in three months and OBC meeting meet as and when required.

Fund for the activities collected thru donations generally come from members, well-wishers or companies from fund raising appeal or given as a legacy.